Friday, May 24, 2013

Camera Moment

Springtime in Alaska! It was 1973 and my children were young. Their grandparents were making their first visit to the far north, the Chena River ran clear and cold, and the mosquitoes wouldn’t be bad for a few more weeks.

Mom took this blurry slide photo which I just recently rediscovered. My father is about to share his fishing expertise with his excited grandson, whose idea of fishing was to make no more than one cast in any one spot. Lenora was far more interested in the blooming fireweed than in trying her luck. I’m behind her with fishnet and camera bag. I can’t believe I was ever that slender.

It’s a moment frozen in time, a lovely memory forgotten until that old box of slides was resurrected.

Thanks, Mom. I hope some day my own snapshooting will bring back special memories for my family as yours did for me.


  1. Joan... that is a wonderful photo.

  2. Nice story, Joan. So common and every-day; so poignant. Isn't life just like that, though?


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