Saturday, March 3, 2012

Arizona Album, February

Early morning hillside
These are a few of the photos we took last month near Tucson, Arizona. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Spring starts small in the desert

Catalina Mountain Stream

This car was new when its driver ignored a "Do Not Enter if Flooded" sign at a low spot in the road. She escaped with her life but a flash flood washed the vehicle down the mountain.
When the sun goes down, the temperature drops. Time to go home!

How about a hug?

Pottery for sale at a market

Shadow patterns at Sweetwater Wetlands

Shoveler drake and reeds

Granddog, Bella

Rocks of the Texas Canyon formation

Desert cloud patterns

Sign for new tavern on 4th Street, Tucson

Where's Waldo?

Signs of spring in the shelter of a saquaro cactus

A rainstorm barrels toward Tucson over the Santa Cruz River
Birds find shelter in the saquaros, too.

Fairy dusters in Saquaro National Monument

A chilly roadrunner warms himself by fluffing his feathers and turning his back to the morning sun.


  1. You've got some wonderful photos, Joan. Such beauty in a place which, at first glance, appears so desolate! I especially liked your tree and shadows photo and your duck in the rushes, but they all invited me in to this dry land on the verge of spring.

  2. Should have stuck around a bit longer, Mom. The wildflowers are unbelievable...Sweetwater Preserve is a blanket of purple and yellow and white!

  3. Your granddog is very cute and the picture of the duck is extraordinary. It just draws you in. If this belonged to me, I'd frame it. It's beautiful!


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