Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun with Granny

Granny plus kids=fun!

My mom didn’t keep a bunch of toys around. But the grandkids knew when they went to Granny’s house, they’d have all of her attention and the benefit of an inventiveness that snugged neatly into a child’s imagination. Whether it was a project as complex as a beanpole-and-blanket teepee or something simple as building little houses with Grandpa’s dominoes, time with Granny was time for making memories.

Here are Robbie and his cousin Mike, “fishing” in Granny’s sink. Their poles are drinking straws; their lines are string with safety-pin “hooks.” I don’t remember if they caught anything, but they sure had fun.

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  1. My grandma had one small box of "toys" I don't remember playing with them often but had so much fun in so many other ways, I have many wonderful memories, Grandmas are the best!


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