Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

How many times have we all said these three words in the past few days? We proffer the greeting sincerely. Yet, experience tells us that flipping the calendar to a brand new January can’t guarantee happiness.

Hank and I start the new year, as do most people, with a full bucket of concerns. Will our health hold up? Will our government stand strong and upright in its domestic and international leadership or will greed and selfish ambition sap our country’s strength? Will the declining economy undermine the plans we’ve made for retirement? How will our grandchildren go to college? Will their parents be provided for when they reach their own retirement years?

We also have an overflowing bucket of blessings: a widening circle of friends who truly want the best for us. Family members of all ages to love. A comfortable home, a living church, all the books we can read. Interesting and important work to do and plenty of time for fun. We are continually challenged to learn new things (I couldn’t have imagined myself blogging or even wanting to, at this time last year.)

As year 2009 gets underway, may God help each of us to trust him with our concerns and to praise him for His blessings. May it be a happy year for you!


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