Friday, December 5, 2008

Sun Breaks for your Soul

Visitors to our area are surprised to find that the “rainy North-Wet” actually is a place of great weather variety. Yes, we do have rain, usually a soft, easy-to-ignore drizzle. We have lots of cloudy weather in the winter. Sometimes it’s a gray blanket shrouding the land for days at a time. Sometimes, the changing clouds and the mist, the fog and the showers give way to hours or days of sparkling sunshine.

Between the rare cloudless days and the gray-shrouded ones, we have many periods of changeable weather which feature that unique northwest phenomenon, the Sun Break.

When the sun breaks through a rip in the clouds and floods the vistas with golden light, heads go up and lungs expand. It’s like a mini-vacation, a kiss of beauty from the heavens, a note of encouragement that brighter days are coming.

I hope these posts will be “Sun Breaks” for your soul.

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